SilexComp Oy EST 2008

Silexcomp Oy is supplying new generation 3D molding device for composite industry, which combines thin molding and compression molding. System can take up to 100bar pressure and 200 centigrade in temperature.

High Pressure Molding System


SilexComp is providing clamping system, which allows the production of a number of plastics, wood, and reinforced composites with a single device. The system combines thin molding, and compression molding methods, which enables use of thin molds that can be produced with the same tool.

Silexcomp Ltd has developed a new generation of 3D press, which is designed for composite industry. Tool is designed for composites, where high fiber penetration is required. Autoclave is no longer required when producing the end product with single tool. 100 bar pressure and temperature up to 200 centigrade makes it possible to pressurize composites with short cycle time, which opens new possibilities with natural fibers, where short cure times are required. Tool enables natural fibers and materials such as lignin to be pressurized in order to form new composites with short cycle time. It is possible to create sandwich models where one layer is pressurized after another, thereby creating e.g. intelligent inserts to the structure. Combining wood and its natural glue of lignin we can develop new composites, comprising with new large surface elements wherein intelligent properties can be used.